Frequently Asked Questions


Will I be dancing with my regular partner or will we be rotating partners?

A. While some instructors rotate partners continuously, we feel that it is important to dance with the same person while learning.   We generally do not rotate partners, but will occasionally teach a “mixer” which causes us to dance with different partners throughout that one dance.

There is some debate about whether rotating and sharing partners makes one a better dancer.  Our feeling is that beginner dancers are nervous enough without adding the stress of dancing with a stranger.  Therefore, we require all participants to register with their own dance partner.

Q. What should I wear to Dance Class?   What kind of shoes should I  wear?

A. Wear comfortable clothing - casual dress is fine.  As for shoes  PLEASE BRING a clean pair of smooth-soled shoes to dance in. In the winter months, the shoes you wear into the dance hall will be wet and dirty, and thus not allowed on the clean dance floor.  Please, NO sandals, clogs, backless or strapless shoes.  For your safety,  please wear shoes that stay securely on your feet.

Q. Will I be behind if I miss a week of dance lessons?

A. It is important to attend class as regularly as possible, especially when you first start dancing.   However, missing one week should not hinder your progress significantly.  No new students are accepted into any program after the second week.  

Q. Can I bring my children to class?

A. This program is an adult activity and there are no baby sitting services available.  Even  well-behaved children get bored and become restless after a while and can be distracting to those taking the class.  For this reason, we ask that you not bring your children to class.  Please do not ask us to make an exception.  If we do so for one, we must do so for all. 

Q. My dance partner will miss a week of dance class, should I come alone?

A. Yes, if you are comfortable attending class alone, please do.  You have paid for the lesson and are more than welcome to come alone.  You can learn your steps, which will help both you and your partner the following week.  Also, there may be another dancer who is alone that week – you can partner up if you’d like.  We do NOT recommend bringing a new partner if your partner cannot attend.

Q. Can I bring someone along to watch the class?

A. Spectators are not allowed for a couple of reasons.  Beginner dancers are very nervous and self-conscious and have a difficult time concentrating while being watched.  We also feel it is not fair for those on the sidelines to take the lesson for free while those of you on the floor have paid for lessons.

Video cameras and/or any other video recording devices are not allowed during class!